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Article Why does my Outlook keep receiving duplicate messages?
There are a couple of situations which may cause Outlook to download duplicate messages:1. Outlook Downloads Messages from a POP3 Server...
Views: 61622
Article Blocking messages from other countries in Smartermail.
Blocking messages from other countries. One way to do this is to setup a content filter based on the ip of the sending server. 1. login to...
Views: 2971
Article Does the SmarterMail SPAM filtering work on Alias/Forwardings as well as Users?
Since an alias directs incoming mail directly to its forwarding address, mail sent to an alias will not reach the SPAM filter and will be...
Views: 1772
Article How to use for SMTP with iPhone.
First, turn OFF Wi-Fi before setting up the email account for reason to turn this OFF is that some ISP's block access to...
Views: 1692
Article How to Subscribe or unsubscribe from a list.
The following explains the steps involved in subscribing and unsubscribing to an existing mailing list. This is done by sending an email message to...
Views: 1315

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