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The Cost-effective Alternative to Microsoft ExchangeTM

SmarterMail 7.x is a feature-rich Windows mail server that brings the power of enterprise-level functionality to small businesses. SmarterMail 7.x builds upon a solid reputation of stability, performance, and value to bring industry-leading features and security to customers at a competitive price.

Collaboration for the Office and the Enterprise

SmarterMail provides robust collaboration features that most people associate with more expensive mail servers such as Microsoft ExchangeTM. Collaboration features�such as folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes�can be fully synchronized with Microsoft OutlookTM and mobile devices (BlackBerryTM, iPhoneTM, Windows MobileTM, and more). SmarterMail is built from the ground up to be a foundation for a complete communications platform.

Over-the-Air Synchronization with BlackBerryTM, iPhoneTM, and Windows MobileTM Devices

SmarterMail includes the SyncML protocol to achieve Over-the-Air synchronization of contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Users can send and receive email messages directly from their mobile devices. Most devices are supported, including BlackBerryTM (CurveTM, 8830, etc.), iPhoneTM, and Windows MobileTM devices (Motorola QTM, Palm TreoTM, Samsung BlackJackTM, etc.). Not all functionality is available on all devices.

Complete Synchronization with Microsoft OutlookTM

Users have the ability to fully utilize Microsoft OutlookTM beyond the capabilities of most mail servers. Users can �two-way� sync between the SmarterMail Web interface and Microsoft OutlookTM�allowing changes and additions to folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes to be concurrently available in both applications.

Powerful Web Interface � Collaborate Anywhere

SmarterMail delivers all of the coordination and communication functionality that you expect from your office desktop�to any pc with an internet connection�anywhere in the world through a familiar and intuitive Web interface. Users have access to shared calendars and the availability of their co-workers to schedule appointments. Tasks can be assigned and emails managed 24/7 with accuracy, speed, and security.

Event-driven Notifications and Actions

SmarterMail 7.x is one of the first Mail Servers designed to be Event-driven. There are now a virtually infinite number of Event/Action combinations that can be created and used to provide notifications and�more importantly�cause specific pre-defined actions to be implemented. There is almost no end to the number of ways that Events can be used.

SmarterMail Brings the Message to You

Individual users can be informed via SMS text message or email to any address when a specific email arrives in their mailbox, an appointment reminder has occurred and much more - there are dozens of possible combinations.

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